Security Team Augmentation

The Personnel to Advance your Strategy

You’re compliant, you’ve done assessments and you have a roadmap with a deluge of projects you know will address risks in your health system, yet you are fighting fires every day, stranding you in reactive mode.  First has the expertise to address the initiatives born from your strategic vision as a CISO, CIO, Physical Security Leader, Network Director, Clinical Engineering Leader or Business Stakeholder.

Hands On Healthcare Security Professionals:

First’s Cyber Health Team is a trusted partner in moving your assessment and strategy into action with subject matter resources to augment your logical and physical security team.  Our certified information security managers, CPP’s, cyber analysts, security engineers, network specialists and infrastructure experts have healthcare experience to match their technical ability, bringing highly specialized resources to you for specific requirements.

Our Team is at the ready to assist in projects large and small, from Program Managers to Security Engineers

  • Framework Implementation and Management – GRC Tools
  • Technology/Policy Analysis and Recommendation
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • Cloud Migration Initiatives
  • Network Architecture/Segmentation
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Tabletop Exercises

FirstFLEX On-Site or Remote Staffing Solutions

First offers our clients the flexibility to access our cybersecurity experts through on-site or remote engagements, depending on the needs and sensitivities of the initiative. FirstADVISE, FirstTEMP and FirstEMPLOY provide our clients the ultimate ability to leverage their workforce with experienced healthcare privacy and security resources.

Our premium staffing solution providing your organization immediate benefit through engaging highly experienced security resources that add value day one. First experts assist your project based or strategic needs with the ability to leverage our advisory solutions in situations where an outside perspective is beneficial. The ability to manage your budget and eliminate responsibilities and conditions associated with an employee are key drivers of FirstADVISE.

A highly flexible solution allowing you to immediately fill your vacancy with an exceptional security resource who is well versed in the specific security disciplines your organization is in need of, bolstering your team without delay. The FirstTEMP “try and buy” approach allows you to assess the positive impact of the individual, assuring a cultural and long term fit before offering employment.

The solution that will solve your security employee vacancy challenges. Our extensive and targeted talent network in security and healthcare IT will help you fill open security vacancies quickly. Over a decade of experience in finding top talent from the analyst level to the executive suite gives you the assurance that the individuals we present have been vetted with vigor by our own healthcare security experts and objective third party evaluation tools.

Why FirstFLEX?

Offering a flexible contracting approach that specifically addresses your resource needs, FirstFLEX affords you the option to match the specific solution with your specific resource need, today and in the future. To the benefit of our clients, First will leverage its security, healthcare and professional recruiting expertise including;

Top Talent, Vetted for Assurance

First’s executive team and security leadership is committed to constantly updating our knowledge of the industry and how the risks you are facing relates to the talent you are looking to engage. Our CISO, Dr. Toby Gouker, is a well know industry expert who is supported by a team of cyber health experts that review skill sets, vet experience, verify certifications and double check references to ensure you are getting the right person for your requirements.

Recognized Recruiting Expertise

First’s well versed security recruiting team and industry recognized leadership all take part in ensuring that our personnel are thoroughly vetted and objectively tested via a process that provides you assurance in engaging our services. Objective skill testing is provided by the SANS Technology Institute, to provide an extra layer of protection in your FirstFLEX investment.

First has been recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of the industry’s Best Places to Work. Our talent acquisition team combines health technology and security recruiting experience in understanding your security position requirements.