Device Operations and Workflow Optimization

Creating Value from Analytics

First’s Cyber Health Team services including network engineering, infrastructure consulting, analysis of how devices across the organization are utilized and how all of these areas can combine to become more efficient.

Working with the information provided by the top IoMT security and analytics operation platform, First’s advisors help you to deliver value added actions from your investment to secure your organization’s IoMT. When fully executed, these actions turn your security measures from a cost center into a more efficient profit center. First advisors can guide you through the development of access control language, patch management programs, network segmentation strategies, and compensating controls that protect the organization the organization from the financial losses of a potential breach.

In addition to the value provided by protecting you from loss, First can help you use analytics platform information to understand a variety of performance metrics from your devices and operational workflow. With this information, new service level agreements can be written, device life extending strategies can be implemented and clinician workflow can be improved.