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First Cyber Health Solutions merges cyber expertise, healthcare technology and regulatory wisdom to bolster your security posture and promote awareness.

First Healthcare Solutions for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Leadership

Toby Gouker, Ph.D.

First Vice President and CISO

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Cyberhealth Insights

First Guardian Services

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal...

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Careers in Cybersecurity

FirstFLEX Flexible Staffing

Great career opportunities for healthcare professionals.

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Workforce Cybersecurity Development

An enterprise approach to improving privacy and security in healthcare

Cyber Behavior

Advancing Privacy and Security Behavior

  • Program Assessment, Development and Implementation
  • Training, Coaching, Briefings and On-site Classroom Curriculum
  • LMS System Selection and Optimization
  • UBA User Behavior Analytics
  • Phishing Programs
  • Gamification
  • Content and Marketing Programs
  • Reward Programs


Assessments, Compliance & Readiness

  • EHR Hardening and Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Pen Testing and Social Engineering Programs
  • HIPAA Security Assessment
  • Medical Device Security Assessment
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • PCI Compliance and Diagnostic
  • Policy and Governance Implementation and Refresh


Flexible Security Staffing Solutions

  • Consultative Program Based Resources
  • Interim Placement
  • Temp to Perm or Perm Placement of vetted healthcare security resources
First EHR Guardian Services

How Does Your Organization Stack Up?

First's Cyberhealth Education Maturity Model and approaches to baselining the cyber awareness of your organization

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