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IoMT Guardian Layers of Resilience
01Layer Gain Visibility Inventory, calculate risk, and prioritize
02Layer Operationalize Data-driven action plan to mitigate risk
03Layer Govern Security vigilance through policy, people, and lifecycle management

First Health Advisory Solutions

Cerner and Epic Solutions to Realize Value on System Investments


Dynamic EHR optimization for people, processes, methodologies and systems

Revenue Cycle

Streamlining to capture, manage and collect patient service revenue


Clinical Subject Matter Experts to Manage Care Transformation

Merging HIT & Cybersecurity Expertise

Mary G. Gregg, MD

Physician Executive Advisor

Dr. Gregg provides clinical and leadership perspectives to First's HIT, Privacy and Security solutions with a strong patient safety, risk management and quality improvement background.

Toby Gouker, Ph.D.


Dr. Toby Gouker brings 29 years of cybersecurity education, training, and Medical Device leadership to First. He has extensive cybersecurity framework experience for healthcare entities.

Carter Groome


Founder and CEO of First, Carter Groome has 23 years of healthcare IT, management consulting and security leadership experience.

Jack Wagner

VP of Advisory Services

Jack Wagner is the VP of Advisory Services for First with 29 years of HIT, Security, and Technology Services leadership. Jack leads First IoMT Guardian Program Services Team.

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Behavioral change programs have an enormous impact in reducing human factor risk

“If I had to make a choice about the one thing to spend money on, it would be about getting the word out, talking to people and training people about the risks.” – Health System CISO First Healthcare Workforce Cyber Behavior Assessments

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