First In Healthcare Cybersecurity

First provides HIT consultants with a combination of Cybersecurity and EHR Expertise.


Healthcare Cybersecurity Consultants

First is a Healthcare IT advisory and solutions firm helping Healthcare organizations battle cyber crime.

Cybersecurity Leadership

Eric Cole, Ph.D.

First Executive Vice President of Cybersecurity

First adds to our 11+ year track record of federal government and security solutions with the addition of industry veteran, Dr. Eric Cole.

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In the News

Protecting PHI In Motion

Personal Healthcare Information Becomes Most Vulnerable Moving Throughout the Ecosystem

Article by Toby Gouker, Ph.D. Provost, SANS Technology Institute First Cybersecurity Advisor

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A New Era for Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT Cybersecurity Consulting Certification via SANS Technology

First is looking for cybersecurity consultants for a variety of new positions. First is offereing traning and certification via SANS Technology Institute.

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Protecting the Data Ecosystem

As the number of breaches increase year-over-year in the healthcare industry, the number one job of all healthcare entities is to protect the entire Data Ecosystem. As the demand for specialized cybersecurity consultants increases, First is answering that need with certified healthcare cybersecurity expertise available to healthcare entities in the Private and Federal sectors including hospitals, clinics and payors.

Protecting the Data Ecosystem

Representative Certified Healthcare Consultants from First:

  1. a. Health Cybersecurity Director
  2. b. Health Cybersecurity Architect
  3. c. Health Cybersecurity Analyst
  4. d. Health Cybersecurity Engineer

Representative First Cybersecurity Services Provided:

  1. e. Pen Testing/Vulnerability Analysis
  2. f. Risk/Compliance/Audit Management
  3. g. Intrusion Prevention/Detection
  4. h. Incident Response/Business Continuity

Representative Data Protection

  1. i. Patient EHR
  2. j. Cloud
  3. k. Data Center
  4. l. Wireless Devices
  5. m. Wired Devices

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Consultants Needed Now

Cybersecurity issues are appearing on almost a daily basis nowadays. In response to this growing need, First is expanding its recruiting for cybersecurity professionals. We are currently looking for several individuals in the positions described below.

The Career Opportunity of a Lifetime.

First Healthcare Advisory Solutions is partnering SANS Technology Institute to offer training, testing and certification to Cybersecurity specialist within the healthcare sector. To learn more about Cybersecurity positions, training and certification on the link to the right. You will be taken to a secure portal for next steps.

First Cybersecurity Workforce Solutions

In describing the capabilities and development of its cybersecurity workforce, First has adopted the National framework developed by NIST and DHS. Adoption of this framework provides an assurance to our customers and employees of First, a guarantee of currency in evolving cybersecurity competencies.



Health Cybersecurity Director

The Health Cybersecurity Director is a leadership position that oversees and ensures that the appropriate operational security posture (e.g., network and system security, physical and environmental protection, personnel security, incident handling, security training and awareness) is implemented and maintained for an information system or program. The successful candidate advises the Authorizing Official (AO), an information system owner, or the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on the security of an information system or program. This role also has responsibility for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and PCI.

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Health Cybersecurity Architect

The Health Cybersecurity Architect is an operational/technical position, designing and developing system concepts and working on the capabilities phases of the systems development lifecycle. The successful candidate will translate technology and environmental conditions (e.g., laws, regulations, best practices) into system and security designs and processes. This role is the main subject matter expert on information security, with the responsibility to analyze existing and new technologies for their security impact. This role also has to speak for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and PCI.

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Health Cybersecurity Analyst

The Health Cybersecurity Analyst conducts threat and vulnerability assessments and determines deviations from acceptable configurations or policies. The successful candidate will assess the level of risk and develop and/or recommend appropriate mitigation countermeasures in operational and non-operational situations. The position may also help test, implement, deploy, and administer the infrastructure hardware, software, and documentation that are required to effectively manage network defense resources.

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Health Cybersecurity Engineer

The Health Cybersecurity Engineer tests, implements, deploys, maintains, reviews, and administers the infrastructure hardware, software, and documentation that are required to effectively manage network defense resources. The successful candidate will also monitor the network to actively remediate unauthorized activities.

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First Offers Clients Three Cybersecurity Staffing Options

First Flex

FirstFlex for Cybersecurity Consultants

To address our clients ever evolving workforce requirements, First developed a flexible model called FirstFLEX allowing providers to move between three different staffing scenarios with ease.

First will place an experienced advisor into the position quickly, providing the advisor with the option to transition into regular employment after you and the advisor gauge the fit. First has partnered with SANS Technology Institute to create training and certification for cybersecurity consultants. Once a consultant is certified, First offers three variations of hiring to fit the needs of our clients.

Cybersecurity Option #1: FirstADVISE

is our premium consulting services solution, offering you an immediate return on investment by placing a highly experienced advisor that provides value from day one.

Cybersecurity Option #2: FirstTEMP

is a highly flexible solution, allowing you to immediately fill your vacancy with an exceptional advisor who is well versed in the domain where you need to bolster experience and efficiency without delay.

Cybersecurity Option #3: FirstEMPLOY

is the solution that will solve your employee vacancy challenges. With one of the most extensive networks of healthcare IT, clinical and revenue professionals, First will help you fill those analyst, informatics, project management, director, and leadership vacancies that stagnate your enterprise IT initiatives and impact your budget.

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