Advancing Secure & Efficient Healthcare

Through First Cyber Health Solutions and Health Advisory Solutions


First Cyber Health Solutions

EHR Guardian Services - Healthcare Defense in Depth


Cybersecurity Education and Awareness Programs


Cybersecurity Risk and Vulnerability Assessments


Network Architecture, Regulatory, Business Continuity Planning, and Risk Governance


Virtual and on-site staffing: Health Cybersecurity CISOs, Architects, Analysts and Engineers

First Health Advisory Solutions

EHR Maximization Solutions to Stimulate ROI on System Investments.


Flexible staffing solutions where First can provide Advisors, Temporary or Permanent Staff.


Dynamic optimization of people, processes, methodologies and systems

Revenue Cycle

Partnering with your organization to capture, manage, and collect patient service revenue.


EHR Optimization Solutions to improve outcomes and prepare for value-based care.

Merging HIT & Cybersecurity Expertise

Eric Cole, Ph.D.

Vice President Cybersecurity

Dr. Cole is an industry-recognized cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience, including in-depth healthcare security knowledge.

Toby Gouker, Ph.D.

Vice President Strategy

Dr. Toby Gouker brings over 25 years of cybersecurity education, training, and leadership to First. He has cross-industry expertise in multiple sectors beyond healthcare.

Carter Groome


Founder and CEO of First, Carter Groome has 20+ years of healthcare IT, management consulting and security leadership experience.

Bob Hooper

Vice President Sales

Bob Hooper is the VP of Sales for First with over 22 years of healthcare information technology in the areas of management, implementation, support, and consulting.

Meet the Entire First Leadership Team

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