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First Choice Professionals (First) develops and sustains relationships by delivering dependable Clinical, Revenue, Technical, and Advisory solutions for Federal agencies and commercial healthcare systems.  First works extremely hard to provide our clients with the right advisor for the program, project or role requested.  The time we invest in vetting and preparing our personnel save our clients valuable time and dollars while building trust that we have, and will, provide the ideal resource.  The manner in which First addresses and supports our clients interests and concerns is a key discriminator of our organization.  The Personnel at First:

  • Are accomplished healthcare IT professionals that have demonstrated their problem solving expertise with healthcare information technology systems.
  • Provide benefit and value throughout the life of the engagement.
  • Solve and support complex IT initiatives, allowing our clients to concentrate their resources on core priorities and business objectives.
  • Deliver complete and fully documented solutions.

The Clients of First:

  • Value our ability to deliver highly vetted and specialized advisors and a management team that has served on every side of the healthcare delivery spectrum.
  • Value our ability to deliver the “right” solutions regardless of the complexity of the problem.
  • Value our flexibility in addressing the challenges in utilizing and managing consultative personnel, acting as long term partner.

The Management Team at First:

  • Includes some of the most experienced and talented healthcare business and technology leaders in the industry, who consistently demonstrate the vision necessary for leading a national healthcare advisory organization.
  • Separates itself by leveraging a wide network of Federal and commercial relationships in areas that strengthen our core expertise to the ultimate benefit of our clients.
  • Focuses solely on the healthcare IT industry and government agencies with healthcare related missions, attracting the top experts in the field.

Working at First: First knows that prosperous employees create successful client experiences and we believe that technology can only be made meaningful through people. Our people have a superb support structure at First, creating enriched skill sets, engagements and careers. Our company is equally focused on ensuring that our employees maintain a balance with their career and family or personal lives. Our compensation, vacation policy, non-billable and bench time plans, and overall culture encourages pursuits outside of the consulting world. Our compensation package is HIGHLY competitive and there is no relocation necessary. In addition, First has a long history of working with experienced independent consultants and paying above market rates. First is committed to our employees while on billable engagements or not and we are constantly investing in our employees – finding new ways to function and collaborate as a one team – even though we serve many clients in multiple locations.

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