What's New at First?

What's New at First?

First is a Healthcare IT advisory and solutions firm transforming federal, civilian and commercial organizations.

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The sociology of maximizing EHR performance

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The Ideal Workforce Partner

By Randy Bailey

Clients and Consultants are Looking for Three Flavors of Workforce Options

Now more than ever, healthcare providers need support from outside health delivery experts to meet the time sensitive and high visibility initiatives assigned to their IT, clinical or revenue departments. While hiring a regular, full-time employee might be the preferred model for your open Informaticist position, the availability of qualified local resources may prohibit you from hiring in a timely manner.

Meeting Today’s Workforce Needs

To address our clients ever evolving workforce requirements, First developed a flexible model called FirstFLEX allowing providers to move between three different staffing scenarios with ease. First will place an experienced advisor into the position quickly, providing the advisor with the option to transition into regular employment after you and the advisor gauge the fit.

FirstADVISE is our premium consulting services solution, offering you an immediate return on investment by placing a highly experienced advisor that provides value from day one.

FirstTEMP is a highly flexible solution, allowing you to immediately fill your vacancy with an exceptional advisor who is well versed in the domain where you need to bolster experience and efficiency without delay.

FirstEMPLOY is the solution that will solve your employee vacancy challenges. With one of the most extensive networks of healthcare IT, clinical and revenue professionals, First will help you fill those analyst, informatics, project management, director, and leadership vacancies that stagnate your enterprise IT initiatives and impact your budget.

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Value Maximization

Value Maximization

Managing Quality Controls and Reducing Healthcare Costs to Maximize Value: FirstTRAK.

Maximization is a destination where improved outcomes, reduced costs, cultural change and information flow come together. Since Go-Live, most hospitals have stabilized their EHR enough to qualify for reimbursements, but haven’t realized the full value of their investment. First helps organizations align the people, processes and technology, develop workflows and create significant value for their organization. We leverage our FirstTRAK methodology to accelerate and ensure your initiatives are consistently moving towards maximization.

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